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Uglies Trilogy Audiobooks

The Uglies Series looks at a dystopian society where every teen gets a batch of plastic surgeries on the turn of sixteen and than magically become "Pretty". Off course this is not the whole story, as main character Tally realizes with the help of her new friend Shay. To escape having surgery Shay runs away and Tally becomes confronted with a difficult decision: run away as well or turn her friend Shay to the authorities.
What Scott Westerfeld brings to light with this series are complex moral issues. Being beautiful over being intellectually free? As always there is the other option: being an outcast. With the human being being a social creature that is always much harder than it looks.

Uglies Audiobooks

Uglies (Uglies 1)

Pretties (Uglies 2)

Specials (Uglies 3)

Extras (Uglies 4)

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