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The FlexBrain Method AudioBook

The Flexbrain Method by Nightingale Learning Systems

GoodReads: 3.0 of 5 stars - 1 rating

Book Version:

ISBN: 190603012X (ISBN13: 9781906030124)

The Flexbrain Method narrated by Dan Strutzel Free Audiobook Download
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The Language of Emotions AudioBook

The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You by Karla McLaren

Most of us relate to our emotions by either running from the difficult ones or clinging to the pleasant ones. But according to empathic counselor and researcher Karla McLaren, all of our emotions are important messengers sent to bring us clarity, keep us in integrity, and free us from suffering. On The Language of Emotions, she offers listeners a breakthrough guide toward...more

GoodReads: 4.2 of 5 stars - 107 ratings

Book Version: 0 pages

ISBN: 159179773X (ISBN13: 9781591797739)

The Language of Emotions What Your Feelings are Trying to Tell You Free Audiobook Download
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Crash Proof 2.0 AudioBook

Crash Proof 2.0: How to Profit From the Economic Collapse by Peter D. Schiff

A fully updated follow-up to Peter Schiff's bestselling financial survival guide-Crash Proof, which described the economy as a house of cards on the verge of collapse, with over 80 pages of new materialThe economic and monetary disaster which seasoned prognosticator Peter Schiff predicted is no longer hypothetical-it is here today. And nobody understands what to do in this...more

GoodReads: 3.96 of 5 stars - 300 ratings

Book Version: 364 pages

ISBN: 047047453X (ISBN13: 9780470474532)

Crash Proof 2.0 Narrated by Sean Pratt (aka Lloyd James) Free Audiobook Download

Wonder AudioBook

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse.August (Auggie) Pullman was born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to a mainstream school—until now. He's about to start 5th grade at Beecher Prep, and if you've ever been the new kid then you know how hard that can be. The thing is Auggie's just an ordinary kid, with an ex...more

GoodReads: 4.39 of 5 stars - 67,260 ratings

Book Version: 315 pages

ISBN: 375869026 (ISBN13: 9780375869020)

Wonder Audiobook R.J. Palacio Free Audiobook Download

Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 AudioBook

Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 - The Art and Science of Getting What You Want by Greg & Alvin


GoodReads: - 0 ratings

Book Version:

ISBN: (ISBN13: )

Greg & Alvin - Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0: The Art and Sience of Getting What You Want Free Audiobook Download

Dexter's Final Cut AudioBook

Dexter's Final Cut (Dexter, #7) by Jeff Lindsay

With 1.7 million copies of the Dexter novels sold, and ever-increasing critical acclaim, Jeff Lindsay returns to his groundbreaking and beloved character with his most entertaining book yet. Get ready for a grisly send-up of Hollywood, and a full dose of dark Dexter wit.Lights. Camera. Mayhem. You won't find this story on television. Hollywood gets more than it bargained f...more

GoodReads: 3.55 of 5 stars - 1,296 ratings

Book Version: 352 pages

ISBN: 385536518 (ISBN13: 9780385536516)

Jeff Lindsay - Dexter's Final Cut Free Audiobook Download

Jim Henson: The Biography AudioBook

Jim Henson: The Biography by Brian Jay Jones

For the first time ever-a comprehensive biography of one of the twentieth-century's most innovative creative artists: the incomparable, irreplaceable Jim Henson.He was a gentle dreamer whose genial bearded visage was recognized around the world, but most people got to know him only through the iconic characters born of his fertile imagination: Kermit the Frog, Bert and Ern...more

GoodReads: 4.12 of 5 stars - 796 ratings

Book Version: 608 pages

ISBN: 345526112 (ISBN13: 9780345526113)

Jim Henson: The Biography (audiobook) by Brian Jones 2013 Free Audiobook Download

Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box AudioBook

Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box by Arbinger Institute

The "disease" of self-deception (acting in ways contrary to what one knows is right) underlies all leadership problems in today's organizations, according to the premise of this work. However well intentioned they may be, leaders who deceive themselves always end up undermining their own performance.This straightforward book explains how leaders can discover their own self...more

GoodReads: 4.13 of 5 stars - 6,484 ratings

Book Version: 180 pages

ISBN: 1576751740 (ISBN13: 9781576751749)

Leadership And Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box By Arbinger Institute Free Audiobook Download

A Course in Miracles AudioBook

A Course in Miracles by Foundation for Inner Peace

A Course in Miracles is a profound spiritual text focusing on the principles of universal love and forgiveness that has a revelatory impact on people of many faiths and religious backgrounds. Distributed since its initial publication by the non-profit Foundation for Inner Peace, and promoted solely through mail order and word of mouth, A Course' in Miracles has sold over 1...more

GoodReads: 4.15 of 5 stars - 11,816 ratings

Book Version: 1296 pages

ISBN: 670869759 (ISBN13: 9780670869756)

A Course in Miracles - Audiobook Free Audiobook Download

In the Arena AudioBook

In the Arena: A Memoir of Victory, Defeat, and Renewal by Richard M. Nixon

Former U.S. President Richard Nixon candidly reflects on his career and discusses such topics as the U.S.S.R., Gorbachev, secrecy, Watergate, and more.

GoodReads: 3.75 of 5 stars - 169 ratings

Book Version: 352 pages

ISBN: 671700960 (ISBN13: 9780671700966)

Richard Nixon - In the Arena read by the author Free Audiobook Download

Around the World in 80 Days AudioBook

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne

Shocking his stodgy colleagues at the exclusive Reform Club, enigmatic Englishman Phileas Fogg wagers his fortune, undertaking an extraordinary and daring enterprise to circumnavigate the globe in eighty days. With his French valet Passepartout in tow, Verne's hero traverses the far reaches of the earth, all the while tracked by the intrepid Detective Fix, a bounty hunter...more

GoodReads: 3.85 of 5 stars - 73,176 ratings

Book Version: 0 pages

ISBN: 307206424 (ISBN13: 9780307206428)

Jules Verne - Around the World in 80 Days [Read by Jim Dale] Free Audiobook Download

Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death AudioBook

Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death by Katy Butler

In this visionary memoir, based on a groundbreaking New York Times Magazine story, award-winning journalist Katy Butler ponders her parents' desires for 'Good Deaths' and the forces within medicine that stood in the way.Katy Butler was living thousands of miles from her vigorous and self-reliant parents when the call came: a crippling stroke had left her proud seventy-nine...more

GoodReads: 4.33 of 5 stars - 280 ratings

Book Version: 336 pages

ISBN: 1451641974 (ISBN13: 9781451641974)

Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death read by the author Free Audiobook Download

The Name of the Wind AudioBook

The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1) by Patrick Rothfuss

Told in Kvothe's own voice, this is the tale of the magically gifted young man who grows to be the most notorious wizard his world has ever seen. The intimate narrative of his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, his years spent as a near-feral orphan in a crime-ridden city, his daringly brazen yet successful bid to enter a legendary school of magic, and his life as...more

GoodReads: 4.56 of 5 stars - 146,759 ratings

Book Version: 662 pages

ISBN: 075640407X (ISBN13: 9780756404079)

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss Free Audiobook Download

The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 AudioBook

The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 by Lawrence Wright

A sweeping narrative history of the events leading to 9/11, a groundbreaking look at the people and ideas, the terrorist plans and the Western intelligence failures that culminated in the assault on America. Lawrence Wright’s remarkable book is based on five years of research and hundreds of interviews that he conducted in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan,...more

GoodReads: 4.34 of 5 stars - 7,298 ratings

Book Version: 421 pages

ISBN: 037541486X (ISBN13: 9780375414862)

The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright Free Audiobook Download

Lycan Fallout AudioBook

Lycan Fallout (Rise of the Werewolf, #1) by Mark Tufo

The world of man was brought to its knees with the zombie apocalypse. A hundred and fifty years have passed since man has clawed and climbed his way from the brink of extinction. Civilization has rebooted, man has begun to rebuild, to create communities and society.It is on this fragile new shaky ground that a threat worse than the scourge of the dead has sprung. One man f...more

GoodReads: 4.44 of 5 stars - 192 ratings

Book Version: 336 pages

ISBN: (ISBN13: )

Lycan Fallout (Rise of the Werewolf #1) by Mark Tufo Free Audiobook Download

The Now Habit AudioBook

The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play by Neil A. Fiore

One of the most effective programs to combat procrastination, THE NOW HABIT has sold over 100,000 copies, has been translated into 11 languages, and is now revised and updated. Featuring a new introduction and a new section providing strategies to understand and deal with the role technology plays in procrastination today, THE NOW HABIT offers a comprehensive plan to help...more

GoodReads: 3.83 of 5 stars - 3,430 ratings

Book Version: 206 pages

ISBN: 1585425524 (ISBN13: 9781585425525)

Neil Fiore - The Now Habit Unabridged Free Audiobook Download

Her Daughter's Dream AudioBook

Her Daughter's Dream (Marta's Legacy, #2) by Francine Rivers

In the dramatic conclusion to the New York Times best seller Her Mother's Hope, Francine Rivers delivers a rich and deeply moving story about the silent sorrows that can tear a family apart and the grace and forgiveness that can heal even the deepest wounds.Growing up isn't easy for little Carolyn Arundel. With her mother, Hildemara, quarantined to her room with tuberculos...more

GoodReads: 4.28 of 5 stars - 6,054 ratings

Book Version: 580 pages

ISBN: 1414334095 (ISBN13: 9781414334097)

Her Daughters Dream by Francine Rivers (Martas Legacy, Book 2) Free Audiobook Download

Mars, Inc.: The Billionaire's Club AudioBook

Mars, Inc.: The Billionaire's Club by Ben Bova

How do you get to the Red Planet? Not via a benighted government program trapped in red tape and bound by budget constrictions, that’s for sure. No, what it will take is a helping of adventure, science, corporate powerplays, a generous dollop of seduction—both in and out of the boardroom—and money, money, money!Art Thrasher knows this. He is a man with a driving vision: se...more

GoodReads: 3.13 of 5 stars - 23 ratings

Book Version: 368 pages

ISBN: 1451639341 (ISBN13: 9781451639346)

Mars, Inc.: The Billionaire's Club by Ben Bova Free Audiobook Download

Double Down: Game Change 2012 AudioBook

Double Down: Game Change 2012 by Mark Halperin

Michiko Kakutani,The New York Times: "Those hungry for political news will readDouble Downfor the scooplets and insidery glimpses it serves up about the two campaigns, and the clues it offers about the positioning already going on among Republicans and Democrats for 2016 ... The book testifies to its authors’ energetic legwork and insider access... creating a novelistic na...more

GoodReads: 3.79 of 5 stars - 898 ratings

Book Version: 476 pages

ISBN: 1594204403 (ISBN13: 9781594204401)

Double Down (Game Change 2) by John Heilemann, Mark Halperin Free Audiobook Download

At the Queen's Command AudioBook

At the Queen's Command (Crown Colonies, #1) by Michael A. Stackpole

1763: The Crown Colonies of Mystria are in turmoil, trapped between warring empires and facing insurrection from natives and colonists alike...Captain Owen Strake, a wounded and battle-weary Redcoat of the Queen's Own Wurms, has come to this untamed land. At the Queen's command, Owen's mission is to survey this vast, uncharted territory, performing reconnaissance of rival...more

GoodReads: 3.9 of 5 stars - 258 ratings

Book Version: 430 pages

ISBN: 159780200X (ISBN13: 9781597802000)

At the Queen's Command by Michael A. Stackpole Free Audiobook Download

The Severed Tower AudioBook

The Severed Tower (Conquered Earth, #2) by J. Barton Mitchell

Holt, Mira, and Max have fled Midnight City with Zoey after watching her repel an entire Assembly army. Zoey's powers are unlocked, but who and what she is remains a mystery. All she knows is that she must reach the Severed Tower, an infamous location in the middle of the world's most dangerous landscape: The Strange Lands, a place where the laws of physics have completely...more

GoodReads: 4.3 of 5 stars - 44 ratings

Book Version: 400 pages

ISBN: 1250009472 (ISBN13: 9781250009470)

The Severed Tower (Conquered Earth #2) by J. Barton Mitchell Free Audiobook Download

Midnight City AudioBook

Midnight City (Conquered Earth, #1) by J. Barton Mitchell

Lord of the FliesmeetsWar of the Worlds inJ. Barton Mitchell'salien-invadedpost-apocalyptic worldwheretwo teens and a young girl with amazing powers must stop the aliens’ mysterious planEarth has been conquered by an alien race known as the Assembly. The human adult population is gone, having succumbed to the Tone---a powerful, telepathic super-signal broadcast across the...more

GoodReads: 3.96 of 5 stars - 513 ratings

Book Version: 384 pages

ISBN: 1250009073 (ISBN13: 9781250009074)

Midnight City (Conquered Earth series, Book 1) by J. Barton Mitchell Free Audiobook Download

Freud: A Very Short Introduction AudioBook

Freud: A Very Short Introduction by Anthony Storr

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, developed a totally new way of looking at human nature. Only now, with the hindsight of the half-century since his death, can we assess his true legacy to current thought. As an experienced psychiatrist himself, Anthony Storr offers a lucid and objective look at Freud's major theories, evaluating whether they have stood the tes...more

GoodReads: 3.49 of 5 stars - 173 ratings

Book Version: 176 pages

ISBN: 192854550 (ISBN13: 9780192854551)

Freud: A Very Short Introduction Free Audiobook Download

Venture Deals AudioBook

Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist by Brad Feld

Praise for Venture Deals"My biggest nightmare is taking advantage of an entrepreneur without even realizing it. It happens because VCs are experts in financings and most entrepreneurs are not. Brad and Jason are out to fix that problem with Venture Deals. This book is long overdue and badly needed."—Fred Wilson, Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures"Feld and Mendelson pa...more

GoodReads: 4.26 of 5 stars - 674 ratings

Book Version: 219 pages

ISBN: 470929820 (ISBN13: 9780470929827)

Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist read by Sean Pratt Free Audiobook Download

Vatican Waltz AudioBook

Vatican Waltz by Roland Merullo

The new novel from the award-winning author of Golfing with God and Revere Beach Boulevard is the story of a young Catholic woman jolted from a quietly devout life in Boston by a miraculous call to action.Cynthia Piantedosi lives a quiet, unassuming life with her elderly father just outside of Boston. When she loses her beloved grandmother as a child, her faith takes a tur...more

GoodReads: 3.48 of 5 stars - 50 ratings

Book Version: 304 pages

ISBN: 307452956 (ISBN13: 9780307452955)

Vatican Waltz: A Novel read by Cassandra Campbell Free Audiobook Download

The Spider AudioBook

The Spider (Elemental Assassin, #10) by Jennifer Estep

The tenth book in the bestselling and “outstanding” (Romantic Times) Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series finally reveals for the first time the origins of Gin Blanco’s career as the deadliest of assassins.For the first time, the origins of Gin Blanco’s career as the deadly assassin “the Spider” are revealed in full. In a story that pre-dates the other nine books in the...more

GoodReads: 4.17 of 5 stars - 202 ratings

Book Version: 400 pages

ISBN: 1451689012 (ISBN13: 9781451689013)

The Spider read by Lauren Fortgang Free Audiobook Download

The Redhead Plays Her Hand AudioBook

The Redhead Plays Her Hand (Redhead, #3) by Alice Clayton

The third sexy novel in USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton’s playful and erotic Redhead series continues the sizzling romance between actress Grace Sheridan and Hollywood’s hottest leading man Jack Hamilton. Grace has landed the lead in a new TV series—but when the director asks her to lose fifteen pounds, she goes public with her weight struggles and suddenly deve...more

GoodReads: 4.25 of 5 stars - 1,212 ratings

Book Version: 320 pages

ISBN: 1476741255 (ISBN13: 9781476741253)

The Redhead Plays Her Hand read by Keili Lefkovitz Free Audiobook Download

The Devil in the White City AudioBook

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America by Erik Larson

Author Erik Larson imbues the incredible events surrounding the 1893 Chicago World's Fair with such drama that readers may find themselves checking the book's categorization to be sure that 'The Devil in the White City' is not, in fact, a highly imaginative novel. Larson tells the stories of two men: Daniel H. Burnham, the architect responsible for the fair's construction,...more

GoodReads: 3.96 of 5 stars - 198,758 ratings

Book Version: 447 pages

ISBN: 739303406 (ISBN13: 9780739303405)

The Devil in the White City read by Scott Brick Free Audiobook Download



Remy AudioBook

Remy (Real, #3) by Katy Evans

Underground fighter Remington Tate is a mystery, even to himself. His mind is dark and light, complex and enlightening. At times his actions and moods are carefully measured, and at others, they spin out of control.Through it all, there's been one constant: wanting, needing, loving, and protecting Brooke Dumas. This is his story; from the first moment he laid eyes on her a...more

GoodReads: 4.34 of 5 stars - 5,983 ratings

Book Version: 272 pages

ISBN: (ISBN13: )

Remy read by Sebastian York Free Audiobook Download

Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream AudioBook

Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream by Dinesh D'Souza

In the #1 New York Times. bestseller Obama’s America, Dinesh D’Souza shows how President Obama is applying his anti-colonial ideology to unmake America and turn it into a country our Founders would hardly recognize. Now it’s updated with a new introduction that demonstrates just how close he’s coming to succeeding. Obama came into office with an eight-year plan for America...more

GoodReads: 3.5 of 5 stars - 12 ratings

Book Version: 270 pages

ISBN: 1621570894 (ISBN13: 9781621570899)

Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream read by David Cochran Heath Free Audiobook Download

Loud Awake and Lost AudioBook

Loud Awake and Lost by Adele Griffin

LOUD. There was an accident. Ember knows at least that much. She was driving. The car was totaled. She suffered back injuries and brain trauma. But she is alive. That's the only thing left she can cling to. AWAKE. Eight months later, Ember feels broken. The pieces of her former self no longer fit together. She can't even remember the six weeks of her life leading up to the...more

GoodReads: 3.55 of 5 stars - 74 ratings

Book Version: 304 pages

ISBN: 385752725 (ISBN13: 9780385752725)

Loud Awake and Lost read by Abby Craden Free Audiobook Download

Journey Into Cyprus AudioBook

Journey Into Cyprus by Colin Thubron

It was an unique journey--a 600 mile trek on foot around Cyprus, in the last year of the island's peace. Colin Thubron writes about it and with great immediacy, intertwining myth, history and personal anecdote. What emerges is a tapestry from which characters and places, architectures and landscape all spring vividly to life.As a guide to the island and its survival throug...more

GoodReads: 3.88 of 5 stars - 40 ratings

Book Version:

ISBN: 140124063 (ISBN13: 9780140124064)

Journey Into Cyprus (Audiobook) By Colin Thubron Free Audiobook Download

Inside the Black Box AudioBook

Inside the Black Box: The Simple Truth About Quantitative Trading by Rishi K. Narang

Inside The Black BoxThe Simple Truth About Quantitative TradingRishi K NarangPraise forInside the Black Box"In "Inside the Black Box: The Simple Truth About Quantitative Trading," Rishi Narang demystifies quantitative trading. His explanation and classification of alpha will enlighten even a seasoned veteran."?Blair Hull, Founder, Hull Trading & Matlock Trading"Rishi p...more

GoodReads: 3.54 of 5 stars - 50 ratings

Book Version: 240 pages

ISBN: 470432063 (ISBN13: 9780470432068)

Inside the Black Box: A Simple Guide to Quantitative and High Frequency Trading read by Richard J. Brewer Free Audiobook Download

Gods of Earth AudioBook

Gods of Earth by Craig DeLancey

Thousands of years after a war against the gods drove humanity nearly extinct, something divine stirs. It awakens the Guardian, an ancient being pledged to destroy the gods—a task it believes long-accomplished. Through deep caverns, he makes his way to the desolate surface of Earth and stalks toward the last human settlements, seeking the source of this strange power.Far a...more

GoodReads: 4.11 of 5 stars - 9 ratings

Book Version: 500 pages

ISBN: 1477849157 (ISBN13: 9781477849156)

Gods of Earth read by Nick Podehl Free Audiobook Download

Get Rich With Options AudioBook

Get Rich With Options: Four Winning Strategies Straight from the Exchange Floor (Agora Series) by Lee Lowell

In order to survive and thrive in today's financial markets, you must seriously consider the use of options in your investment endeavors. Options allow you to reap the same benefits as an outright stock or commodity trade, but with less risk and less money on the line. The truth is, you can achieve everything with options that you would with stocks or commodities?at less c...more

GoodReads: 3.19 of 5 stars - 16 ratings

Book Version: 240 pages

ISBN: 470046619 (ISBN13: 9780470046616)

Get Rich with Options: Four Winning Strategies Straight from the Exchange Floor read by John Haag Free Audiobook Download

The Geek's Guide to Dating AudioBook

The Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

You keep your action figures in their original packaging. Your bedsheets are officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. You’re hooked on Elder Scrolls and Metal Gear but now you’ve discovered an even bigger obsession: the new girl who just moved in down the hall. What’s a geek to do? Take some tips from Eric Smith in The Geek’s Guide to Dating. This hilarious primer leads...more

GoodReads: 4.04 of 5 stars - 89 ratings

Book Version: 208 pages

ISBN: 1594746435 (ISBN13: 9781594746437)

Geek's Guide to Dating read by Nick Podehl Free Audiobook Download

1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus AudioBook

1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann

In this groundbreaking work of science, history, and archaeology, Charles C. Mann radically alters our understanding of the Americas before the arrival of Columbus in 1492.Contrary to what so many Americans learn in school, the pre-Columbian Indians were not sparsely settled in a pristine wilderness; rather, there were huge numbers of Indians who actively molded and influe...more

GoodReads: 4.02 of 5 stars - 20,748 ratings

Book Version: 541 pages

ISBN: 1400032059 (ISBN13: 9781400032051)

1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus read by Peter Johnson Free Audiobook Download

Survival of the Sickest AudioBook

Survival of the Sickest: A Medical Maverick Discovers Why We Need Disease by Sharon Moalem

Read it.You're already living it.Was diabetes evolution's response to the last Ice Age? Did a deadly genetic disease help our ancestors survive the bubonic plagues of Europe? Will a visit to the tanning salon help lower your cholesterol? Why do we age? Why are some people immune to HIV? Can your genes be turned on -- or off?Joining the ranks of modern myth busters, Dr. Sha...more

GoodReads: 4.14 of 5 stars - 2,809 ratings

Book Version: 267 pages

ISBN: 60889659 (ISBN13: 9780060889654)

Survival of the Sickest Free Audiobook Download