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Maze Runner Audiobooks

Maze Runner Series belongs to the category of Young Adults Fantasy. It is a New York Times bestseller and it's going to be adapt to the big screen. In Maze Runner the main character and the reader start in the same position: clueless. Thomas has amnesia and when he asks people around him questions no one answers him. So where is Thomas? He is in the Glade (an open space surrounded by walls) and the mission of the Gladers is to solve the Maze. This strange place comes with positive aspects, rules and most of all tones of mystery. The main objective of James Dashner is to keep the reader on edge, constantly guessing what comes next and being throned away by the storyline.

Maze Runner Audiobooks

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner 1)

The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner 2)

The Death Cure (Maze Runner 3)

The Kill Order (Maze Runner 0.5)

Thomas’s First Memory of the Flare (Maze Runner 2.5)

The Maze Runner Files

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