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Teardrop AudioBook

Teardrop (Teardrop, #1) by Lauren Kate

Never, ever cry...Seventeen-year-old Eureka won't let anyone close enough to feel her pain. After her mother was killed in a freak accident, the things she used to love hold no meaning. She wants to escape, but one thing holds her back: Ander, the boy who is everywhere she goes, whose turquoise eyes are like the ocean.And then Eureka uncovers an ancient tale of romance and...more

GoodReads: 3.69 of 5 stars - 1,543 ratings

Book Version: 441 pages

ISBN: 375990690 (ISBN13: 9780375990694)

Teardrop Lauren Kate

The Elite AudioBook

The Elite (The Selection, #2) by Kiera Cass

The hotly-anticipated sequel to the New York Times bestseller The Selection.Thirty-five girls came to the palace to compete in the Selection. All but six have been sent home. And only one will get to marry Prince Maxon and be crowned princess of Illea.America still isn’t sure where her heart lies. When she’s with Maxon, she’s swept up in their new and breathless romance, a...more

GoodReads: 3.95 of 5 stars - 39,415 ratings

Book Version: 323 pages

ISBN: 62059963 (ISBN13: 9780062059963)

The Elite Free Audiobook Download

The Elite Complete Audiobook

Treasure Box AudioBook

Treasure Box by Orson Scott Card

A shattering childhood tragedy leftQuentin Fears devastated and unable tocope with the world and its citizens. It didn't,however, prevent him from making millions throughbrilliant investments. And now the enigmatic recluse has experienced the extraordinarily unexpected: love at first sight.But a whirlwind courtship and marriage to Madeleine -- beautiful, witty, and equally...more

GoodReads: 3.26 of 5 stars - 2,827 ratings

Book Version: 384 pages

ISBN: 006109398X (ISBN13: 9780061093982)

Treasure Box

Theodore Boone: The Accused AudioBook

Theodore Boone: The Accused (Theodore Boone, #3) by John Grisham

Theodore Boone is back! And he's ready for his next big caseTheo Boone might only be thirteen, but he's already uncovered key evidence in a groundbreaking murder trial and discovered the truth behind his best friend's abduction. Now with the latest unfolding of events in Strattenburg, Theo will face his biggest challenge yet.Filled with the intrigue and page-turning suspen...more

GoodReads: 3.87 of 5 stars - 2,668 ratings

Book Version: 272 pages

ISBN: 525425764 (ISBN13: 9780525425762)

Theodore Boone: The Accused

The Green Mile AudioBook

The Green Mile by Stephen King

At Cold Mountain Penitentiary, along the lonely stretch of cells known as the Green Mile, killers are depraved as the psychopathic "Billy the Kid" Wharton and the possessed Eduard Delacroix await death strapped in "Old Sparky." Here guards as decent as Paul Edgecombe and as sadistic as Percy Wetmore watch over them. But good or evil, innocent or guilty, none have ever seen...more

GoodReads: 4.36 of 5 stars - 107,064 ratings

Book Version: 592 pages

ISBN: 451933028 (ISBN13: 9780451933027)

The Green Mile

Magic Street AudioBook

Magic Street by Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card has the distinction of having swept both the Hugo and Nebula awards in two consecutive years with his amazing novels Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead. For a body of work that ranges from science fiction to nonfiction to plays, Card has been recognized as an author who provides vivid, colorful glimpses between the world we know and worlds we can only i...more

GoodReads: 3.2 of 5 stars - 3,993 ratings

Book Version: 416 pages

ISBN: 345416902 (ISBN13: 9780345416902)

Magic Street

Space Boy AudioBook

Space Boy by Orson Scott Card

Is it space travel that children dream of, or merely visiting other worlds? Todd had always set his heart on being an astronaut, but when he meets an alien and travels to another world, he doesn't use a spaceship; he just hangs out in his own back yard. In Space Boy, Orson Scott Card, author of Ender's Game, takes listeners into a strange and wonderful future, where people...more

GoodReads: 2.98 of 5 stars - 324 ratings

Book Version: 95 pages

ISBN: 1596061111 (ISBN13: 9781596061118)

Space Boy

Rage AudioBook

Rage by Stephen King

A disturbed high-school student with authority problems kills one of his teachers and takes the rest of his class hostage. Over the course of one long, tense and unbearable hot afternoon, Charlie Decker explains what led him to this drastic sequence of events, while at the same time deconstructing the personalities of his classmates, forcing each one to justify his or her...more

GoodReads: 3.73 of 5 stars - 10,070 ratings

Book Version: 131 pages

ISBN: 451076451 (ISBN13: 9780451076458)


Stonefather AudioBook

Stonefather by Orson Scott Card

A fantasy novella by the best-selling author of Ender's Game.

GoodReads: 3.86 of 5 stars - 764 ratings

Book Version: 112 pages

ISBN: 1596061944 (ISBN13: 9781596061941)


Outlander AudioBook

Outlander (Outlander, #1) by Diana Gabaldon

The year is 1945. Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon--when she walks through a standing stone in one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach--an "outlander"--in a Scotland torn by war and raiding Highland clans in the year of Our Lord...1743.Hurled back...more

GoodReads: 4.11 of 5 stars - 227,302 ratings

Book Version: 870 pages

ISBN: 440242940 (ISBN13: 9780440242949)


How to Argue and Win Every Time AudioBook

How to Argue and Win Every Time: At Home, at Work, in Court, Everywhere, Every Day by Gerry Spence

A trial attorney gives readers the power to deliver the winning strategy in the kitchen, the bedroom, the courtroom--anywhere! Ultimately winning arguments demand polished technique and Spence provides the rules of the game. A must read for every man and woman, every parent and child, or anyone who has ever wanted to argue and win.

GoodReads: 3.54 of 5 stars - 472 ratings

Book Version:

ISBN: 312118279 (ISBN13: 9780312118273)

how to argue and win every time

The Willpower Instinct AudioBook

The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It by Kelly McGonigal

The first book to explain the new science of self-control and how it can be harnessed to improve our health, happiness, and productivity. After years of watching her students struggling with their choices, health psychologist Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., realized that much of what people believe about willpower is actually sabotaging their success. Committed to sharing what the...more

GoodReads: 4.1 of 5 stars - 2,876 ratings

Book Version: 275 pages

ISBN: 1583334386 (ISBN13: 9781583334386)


Uncommon Knowledge: An Introduction to Past Life & Health Readings AudioBook

Uncommon Knowledge: An Introduction to Past Life & Health Readings by Som Publishing


GoodReads: 3.75 of 5 stars - 4 ratings

Book Version: 208 pages

ISBN: 944386199 (ISBN13: 9780944386194)

Uncommon Knowledge

Why Him? Why Her? AudioBook

Why Him? Why Her?: Understanding Your Personality Type and Finding the Perfect Match by Helen Fisher

A groundbreaking book about how your personality type determines who you love Why do you fall in love with one person rather than another? In this fascinating and informative book, Helen Fisher, one of the world’s leading experts on romantic love, unlocks the hidden code of desire and attachment. Each of us, it turns out, primarily expresses one of four broad personali...more

GoodReads: 3.7 of 5 stars - 708 ratings

Book Version: 222 pages

ISBN: 805082921 (ISBN13: 9780805082920)

Why Him? Why Her? Finding Real Love By Understanding Your Personality Type read by the author Free Audiobook Download

why him why her

The Little Gold Book of YES! AudioBook

The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude: How to Find, Build and Keep a YES! Attitude for a Lifetime of Success by Jeffrey Gitomer

From the bestselling author of The Little Red Book of Selling... Every business winner has one thing in common: a YES! attitude that's powerful enough to help them achieve the impossible! When you've got a YES! attitude, you assume everything will start with "YES!"...and you'll find a way to "YES!" even when the first, second, and third answer you hear is "NO!" You say y...more

GoodReads: 4.12 of 5 stars - 465 ratings

Book Version: 4 pages

ISBN: 743572602 (ISBN13: 9780743572606)


Fathers and Sons AudioBook

Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev

Bazarov—a gifted, impatient, and caustic young man—has journeyed from school to the home of his friend Arkady Kirsanov. But soon Bazarov’s outspoken rejection of authority and social conventions touches off quarrels, misunderstandings, and romantic entanglements that will utterly transform the Kirsanov household and reflect the changes taking place all across nineteenth-ce...more

GoodReads: 3.88 of 5 stars - 25,415 ratings

Book Version: 244 pages

ISBN: 451529693 (ISBN13: 9780451529695)


The Slight Edge AudioBook

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Why is it that some people make dream after dream come true, while others just continue dreaming and spend their lives building dreams for someone else? One simple reason, those that are "successful" have found their SLIGHT EDGE! This book is not just another self-help, motivation tool of methods you must to learn in order to make it up the path of success. The Slight Edge...more

GoodReads: 4.44 of 5 stars - 2,352 ratings

Book Version:

ISBN: 967285550 (ISBN13: 9780967285559)

The Slight Of Edge by Jeff Olson

Mirror Earth: The Search for Our Planet's Twin AudioBook

Mirror Earth: The Search for Our Planet's Twin by Michael D. Lemonick

In the mid-1990s, astronomers made history when they detected three planets orbiting stars in the Milky Way. The planets were nothing like Earth, however: they were giant gas balls like Jupiter or Saturn. More than 500 planets have been found since then, yet none of them could support life. Now, armed with more powerful technology, planet hunters are racing to find a true...more

GoodReads: 3.76 of 5 stars - 37 ratings

Book Version: 304 pages

ISBN: 080277900X (ISBN13: 9780802779007)

Mirror Earth: The Search for Our Planet's Twin read by Carol Schneider Free Audiobook Download

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon AudioBook

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone

The definitive story of, one of the most successful companies in the world, and of its driven, brilliant founder, Jeff started off delivering books through the mail. But its visionary founder, Jeff Bezos, wasn't content with being a bookseller. He wanted Amazon to become the everything store, offering limitless selection and seductive convenienc...more

GoodReads: 3.95 of 5 stars - 715 ratings

Book Version: 384 pages

ISBN: 316219266 (ISBN13: 9780316219266)

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon read by Pete Larkin Free Audiobook Download

Hawks Mountain AudioBook

Hawks Mountain by Elizabeth Sinclair

Rebecca Hawks has come home to remember who she was before the lure of life as a social worker in a big city nearly destroyed her-and might, still. She's moved back to her family's namesake mountain in West Virginia, where Granny Jo Hawks can help her forget the horrors she'd seen and been unable to prevent.Ex-Navy Corpsman, Nicholas Hart, has moved to Hawks Mountain in ho...more

GoodReads: 3.26 of 5 stars - 145 ratings

Book Version: 188 pages

ISBN: 1611940109 (ISBN13: 9781611940107)

Hawks Mountain read by Julie Williams Free Audiobook Download

The Stranger You Know AudioBook

The Stranger You Know (Maeve Kerrigan, #4) by Jane Casey

He meets women. He gains their trust. He kills them.That's all Maeve Kerrigan knows about the man she is hunting. Two women were strangled in their homes, and with no sign of a break-in, there's no clue as to who might be responsible. Until there's a third murder, and the finger is pointed at DCI Josh Derwent, Maeve's colleague.It isn't the first time Derwent has been a su...more

GoodReads: 4.0 of 5 stars - 83 ratings

Book Version: 484 pages

ISBN: 91948339 (ISBN13: 9780091948337)

The Stranger You Know read by Caroline Lennon Free Audiobook Download

YOU: Being Beautiful AudioBook

YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty by Michael F. Roizen

Most people think that beauty revolves around such things as lipstick, sweet eyes, or skinny jeans -- all those things that we can see (and obsess over) in the mirror. But the fact is that beauty isn't some superficial pursuit, and it's not some random act that you can thank (or curse) your ancestors for. There are, in fact, scientific standards to beauty. Beauty is purpo...more

GoodReads: 3.47 of 5 stars - 521 ratings

Book Version: 432 pages

ISBN: 1416572341 (ISBN13: 9781416572343)

You Being Beautiful The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty Free Audiobook Download

Broken Angel AudioBook

Broken Angel (Caitlyn Brown, #1) by Sigmund Brouwer

Her birth was shrouded in mystery and tragedy.Her destiny is beyond comprehension.Her pursuers long to see her broken.She fights to soar.In the rough, shadowy hills of Appalachia, a nation carved from the United States following years of government infighting, Caitlyn and her companions are the prey in a terrifying hunt. They must outwit the relentless bounty hunters, skir...more

GoodReads: 3.46 of 5 stars - 293 ratings

Book Version: 256 pages

ISBN: 1400070325 (ISBN13: 9781400070329)

Broken Angel read by Kirsten Potter Free Audiobook Download

America 1908 AudioBook

America, 1908: The Dawn of Flight, the Race to the Pole, the Invention of the Model T and the Making of a Modern Nation by Jim Rasenberger

A breathtaking ride through the highs and lows of one spectacular, pivotal year in American history.As the earth turned toward the sun on the first morning of 1908, human flight remained, for most Americans, in the realm of myth and dream. But before the darkness fell on New Year's Eve at the end of the year, the Wright brothers would be worldwide celebrities, heralded as...more

GoodReads: 3.74 of 5 stars - 177 ratings

Book Version: 307 pages

ISBN: 743280776 (ISBN13: 9780743280778)

America 1908: The Dawn of Flight the Race to the Pole the Invention of the Model T Free Audiobook Download

Fighting the Flying Circus AudioBook

Fighting the Flying Circus: The Greatest True Air Adventure to Come out of World War I by Eddie V. Rickenbacker

In Fighting the Flying Circus, Captain Rickenbacker recounts his combat missions against the Germans in the skies over Europe during WWI.

GoodReads: 4.07 of 5 stars - 118 ratings

Book Version: 324 pages

ISBN: 385505590 (ISBN13: 9780385505598)

Fighting the Flying Circus read by John Pruden Free Audiobook Download

Flesh and Bone AudioBook

Flesh and Bone (Benny Imura, #3) by Jonathan Maberry

Reeling from the tragic events of Dust & Decay, Benny Imura and his friends plunge deep into the zombie-infested wastelands of the great Rot & Ruin. Benny, Nix, Lilah and Chong journey through a fierce wilderness that was once America, searching for the jet they saw in the skies months ago. If that jet exists then humanity itself must have survived…somewhere. Findi...more

GoodReads: 4.24 of 5 stars - 3,353 ratings

Book Version: 469 pages

ISBN: 1442439890 (ISBN13: 9781442439894)

Flesh & Bone (Rot & Ruin Series Book 3) read by Brian Hutchinson Free Audiobook Download

Hostage AudioBook

Hostage (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit, #14) by Kay Hooper

Haven operative Luther Brinkman has been sent into the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee to locate escaped felon Cole Jacoby, a mentally unstable bank robber. Supposedly, Jacoby hid more than ten million dollars from his last heist before he was captured—and rather mysteriously escaped federal custody. And once Brinkman finds Jacoby, the agent is left se...more

GoodReads: 3.72 of 5 stars - 95 ratings

Book Version: 320 pages

ISBN: 425259374 (ISBN13: 9780425259375)

Hostage read by Joyce Bean Free Audiobook Download


Dad Is Fat AudioBook

Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

In Dad is Fat, stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan, who’s best known for his legendary riffs on Hot Pockets, bacon, manatees, and McDonald's, expresses all the joys and horrors of life with five young children—everything from cousins ("celebrities for little kids") to toddlers’ communication skills (“they always sound like they have traveled by horseback for hours to deliver im...more

GoodReads: 3.65 of 5 stars - 7,231 ratings

Book Version: 288 pages

ISBN: 385349068 (ISBN13: 9780385349062)

Dad Is Fat read by the author Free Audiobook Download

Hunted AudioBook

Hunted (House of Night, #5) by P.C. Cast

What if the hottest guy in the world was hiding a nameless evil, and all he wanted was you?At the start of this heart-pounding new installment of the bestselling House of Night series, Zoey’s friends have her back again and Stevie Rae and the red fledglings aren’t Neferet’s secrets any longer. But an unexpected danger has emerged. Neferet guards her powerful new consort, K...more

GoodReads: 3.94 of 5 stars - 91,922 ratings

Book Version: 323 pages

ISBN: 031237982X (ISBN13: 9780312379827)

Hunted read by MacLeod Andrews Cassandra Campbell Free Audiobook Download

The Expanse AudioBook

The Expanse (The Frontiers Saga #7) by Ryk Brown

Episode 7A newly repaired ship…A willing and eager crew…A host of new technologies…A long anticipated return home…The crew of the UES Aurora finally has the chance to fulfill their mission, but first they must complete a long and dangerous journey across a thousand light years of unexplored space.“The Expanse” is a 104,000 word novel, and is the 7th episode in The Frontier...more

GoodReads: 4.12 of 5 stars - 257 ratings

Book Version: 246 pages

ISBN: (ISBN13: )

The Expanse (Frontiers Saga Book 7) read by Jeffrey Kafer Free Audiobook Download

Murder in the High Himalaya AudioBook

Murder in the High Himalaya: Loyalty, Tragedy and Escape from Tibet by Jonathan Green

On September 30, 2006 gunfire echoed through the thin air near Advance Base Camp on Cho Oyu Mountain. Frequented by thousands of climbers each year, Cho Oyu lies nineteen miles east of Mt. Everest on the border between Tibet and Nepal. To the elite mountaineering community, it offers a straightforward summit—a warm-up climb to her formidable sister. To Tibetans, Cho Oyu pr...more

GoodReads: 4.02 of 5 stars - 177 ratings

Book Version: 304 pages

ISBN: 1586487140 (ISBN13: 9781586487140)

Murder in the High Himalaya: Loyalty Tragedy and Escape from Tibet Free Audiobook Download

Sins of the Flesh AudioBook

Sins of the Flesh (Otherkin, #3) by Eve Silver

The blood of the Underworld lord of evil runs through soul reaper Malthus Krayl's veins. Raised to fight for survival and to kill for victory, he can destroy anyone who poses a threat. As he searches for the one responsible for his brother's murder, he refuses to succumb to any distraction...until his sworn enemy crosses his path and tempts him beyond all reason.Calliope K...more

GoodReads: 4.04 of 5 stars - 676 ratings

Book Version: 377 pages

ISBN: 373774842 (ISBN13: 9780373774845)

Sins of the Flesh Free Audiobook Download

Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe AudioBook

Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson's first travel book, The Lost Continent, was unanimously acclaimed as one of the funniest books in years. In Neither Here nor There he brings his unique brand of humour to bear on Europe as he shoulders his backpack, keeps a tight hold on his wallet, and journeys from Hammerfest, the northernmost town on the continent, to Istanbul on the cusp of Asia. Fluent in...more

GoodReads: 3.88 of 5 stars - 23,800 ratings

Book Version: 256 pages

ISBN: 380713802 (ISBN13: 9780380713806)

Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe read by William Roberts Free Audiobook Download

The Bone Conjurer AudioBook

The Bone Conjurer (Rogue Angel, #24) by Alex Archer

From the ashes of an ancient holy order comes an unholy relic...In the time of the Crusades, the Knights Templars were holy warriors who seemed to be blessed by God himself. But over the years, the order dissolved into mysteries both sacred and profane--creating an object whose power bends to the true nature of its owner....But until she held it in her hands, archaeologist...more

GoodReads: 3.85 of 5 stars - 172 ratings

Book Version: 316 pages

ISBN: 373621434 (ISBN13: 9780373621439)

The Bone Conjurer Free Audiobook Download

Moneyball AudioBook

Moneyball : The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis

Billy Beane, general manager of MLB's Oakland A's and protagonist of Michael Lewis's Moneyball, had a problem: how to win in the Major Leagues with a budget that's smaller than that of nearly every other team. Conventional wisdom long held that big name, highly athletic hitters and young pitchers with rocket arms were the ticket to success. But Beane and his staff, buoyed...more

GoodReads: 4.21 of 5 stars - 37,775 ratings

Book Version: 320 pages

ISBN: 393324818 (ISBN13: 9780393324815)

Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game read by Scott Brick Free Audiobook Download

SecondWorld AudioBook

SecondWorld by Jeremy Robinson

"Another crisply plotted tale from the fertile imagination of Jeremy Robinson. This one has it all, frozen Nazis, UFO crashes, Antarctica, and some really cool science. Plan to hunker down for all-nighter with this one. I did." –Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Jefferson Key"Robinson blends myth, science and terminal velocity action like no one else."...more

GoodReads: 3.92 of 5 stars - 534 ratings

Book Version: 341 pages

ISBN: 312617860 (ISBN13: 9780312617868)

SecondWorld read by Phil Gigante Free Audiobook Download

A Walk on the Wild Side AudioBook

A Walk on the Wild Side by Nelson Algren

Mr. Algren, boy, you are good - Ernest HemingwayThe intensity of his feeling, the accuracy of his thought, make me wonder if any other writer of our time has shown us more exactly the human basis of our democracy. Though Algren often defines his positive values by showing us what happens in their absence, his hell burns with passion for heaven - The New York Times Book Rev...more

GoodReads: 4.01 of 5 stars - 666 ratings

Book Version: 346 pages

ISBN: 374525323 (ISBN13: 9780374525323)

A Walk on the Wild Side Free Audiobook Download

The Clockwork Man AudioBook

The Clockwork Man by William Jablonsky

Ernst's world is one of endless admirers, including foreign dignitaries and heads of state. Hailed as a marvel of late nineteenth-century automation, he is the crowning achievement of his master, Karl Gruber. A world-famous builder of automated clocks, Gruber has reached the pinnacle of his art in Ernst—a man constructed entirely of clockwork. Educated and raised in the Gr...more

GoodReads: 3.64 of 5 stars - 178 ratings

Book Version: 268 pages

ISBN: 1605420999 (ISBN13: 9781605420998)

The Clockwork Man read by Ralph Lister Free Audiobook Download

The Honeymoon Cottage AudioBook

The Honeymoon Cottage (Pajaro Bay #1) by Barbara Cool Lee

Camilla Stewart is making a fresh start in Pajaro Bay after her ex-fiancé stole her life savings, embezzled from her job, and then disappeared without a trace--leaving behind nothing but his eight-year-old son, Oliver. But when sheriff's captain Ryan Knight informs her that her ex is not only a con artist but an accused murderer, Camilla realizes she and little Oliver are...more

GoodReads: 3.81 of 5 stars - 111 ratings

Book Version: 250 pages

ISBN: 615635938 (ISBN13: 9780615635934)

The Honeymoon Cottage: A Pajaro Bay Romance read by Elizabeth Siedt Free Audiobook Download

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work AudioBook

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country's Foremost Relationship Expert by John M. Gottman

John Gottman has revolutionized the study of marriage by using rigorous scientific procedures to observe the habits of married couples in unprecedented detail over many years. Here is the culmination of his life's work: the seven principles that guide couples on the path toward a harmonious and long-lasting relationship. Packed with practical questionnaires and exercises,...more

GoodReads: 4.15 of 5 stars - 3,604 ratings

Book Version: 271 pages

ISBN: 609805797 (ISBN13: 9780609805794)

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work read by John Allen Nelson Free Audiobook Download

Wheelmen AudioBook

Wheelmen: Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France, and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever by Reed Albergotti

The first in-depth look at Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal, the phenomenal business success built on the back of fraud, and the greatest conspiracy in the history of sports Lance Armstrong won a record-smashing seven Tours de France after staring down cancer, and in the process became an international symbol of resilience and courage. In a sport constantly dogged by blood...more

GoodReads: 3.86 of 5 stars - 229 ratings

Book Version: 384 pages

ISBN: 1592408486 (ISBN13: 9781592408481)

Wheelmen: Lance Armstrong the Tour de France and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever read by Santino Fontana Free Audiobook Download

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently AudioBook

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently by Heidi Grant Halvorson

I just read this book, and it is totally relevant if you are setting your goals and want to create good habits,leave the bad ones and get motivated. The book was written by Heidi Grant Halvorson, PhD. The book it’s straight to the point, a fast read (106 pages) but with great quality and content. It gave me some really good insights.On top of that, it comes in a great pocket book format so you can have it nearby when you need some help or to boost your motivation and get back on track.On 9 Thing...more

GoodReads: 3.89 of 5 stars - 225 ratings

Book Version: 38 pages

ISBN: (ISBN13: )

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently Free Audiobook Download

Carrie and Me AudioBook

Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story by Carol Burnett

“More than anything, we are remembered for our smiles: the ones we share with our closest and dearest, and the one we bestow on a total stranger who needs it right then, and God has put us there to deliver.” — Carrie HamiltonYou are about to meet an extraordinary young woman, Carrie Hamilton. The daughter of one of television’s most recognizable and beloved stars, Carol Bu...more

GoodReads: 3.53 of 5 stars - 454 ratings

Book Version: 224 pages

ISBN: 1476706417 (ISBN13: 9781476706412)

Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story read by the author Free Audiobook Download