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Space Hulk: The Novel AudioBook

Space Hulk: The Novel by Gav Thorpe

I remember Space Hulk from my youth as one of the first Games Workshop boardgames I experienced. For me Warhammer 40K came later, and also the elements of Space Hulk were given their place in the big Universe that is Warhammer much later and in different form: terminators were actually sparsely deployable, and not as "weak" as Space Hulk made them seem sometimes; genestealers were redefined as the vanguard of the great Tyranid incusions, and on the tabletop demoted to creatures a few standard Sp...more

GoodReads: 3.02 of 5 stars - 47 ratings

Book Version: 125 pages

ISBN: 1844167992 (ISBN13: 9781844167999)

Space Hulk

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