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Nee Naw: Real-Life Dispatches from Ambulance Control AudioBook

Nee Naw: Real-Life Dispatches from Ambulance Control by Suzi Brent

and how was your day at work?Suzi helped save a life. or answered an emeregency call from a man at an airport needing a banana. or listened as a grandchild saw grandma's dead body.susi brent answers the phone at the 999 service in london. (quick note of frustration, this is a paperback someone picked up in england and brought over to the states, the writing is English not American. there is a glossary in the back for practicle things, not for explaining their language to us. 999 is 911. the book...more

GoodReads: 4.2 of 5 stars - 45 ratings

Book Version: 312 pages

ISBN: 141044373 (ISBN13: 9780141044378)

Nee Naw: Real Life Dispatches from Ambulance Contro read by Deryn Edwards Free Audiobook Download

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