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After Chancellorsville, Letters from the Heart AudioBook

After Chancellorsville, Letters from the Heart: The Civil War Letters of Private Walter G. Dunn & Emma Randolph by Walter G. Dunn

Emma Randolph, a young woman not yet twenty, wrote poignant letters to her distant cousin, Private Walter G. Dunn of the 11th New Jersey Infantry, as he lay in a crowded, filthy hospital ward during the Civil War after suffering the carnage of the battle of Chancellorsville. There, barely recovered, he aided overworked surgeons when the Gettysburg wounded poured into the c...more

GoodReads: 3.7 of 5 stars - 10 ratings

Book Version: 278 pages

ISBN: 938420623 (ISBN13: 9780938420620)

After Chancellorsville: Letters from the Heart read by Grover Gardner, Brian Emerson and Megan Anderson Free Audiobook Download

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