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Murder on Nob Hill AudioBook

Murder on Nob Hill (Sarah Woolson Mystery, #1) by Shirley Tallman

The year is 1880, the place San Francisco. Intelligent, outspoken Sarah Woolson is a young woman with a goal and the fortitude to achieve it. She has always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. The trouble is, everyone believes women belong in the home---that it is not only unnatural, but against God's will for them to seek a career.When Sarah finagles an interview with one of th...more

GoodReads: 3.78 of 5 stars - 330 ratings

Book Version: 280 pages

ISBN: 312328559 (ISBN13: 9780312328559)

Shirley Tallman - Sarah Woolson, Book 1 - Murder On Nob Hill Free Audiobook Download



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