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Tempt the Stars AudioBook

Tempt the Stars (Cassandra Palmer, #6) by Karen Chance

Being a goddess is a lot less fun than you might think. Especially when you’re only a half goddess, and you only found out about it recently, and you still don’t know what you’re doing half the time. And when you’ve just used your not-so-reliable powers to burglarize the booby-trapped office of a vampire mob boss.Yeah, that part sucks.But that’s just the tip of the iceberg...more

GoodReads: 4.07 of 5 stars - 2,196 ratings

Book Version: 357 pages

ISBN: 1101616903 (ISBN13: 9781101616901)

Karen Chance - Cassandra Palmer - Book 6 - Tempt The Stars Free Audiobook Download

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