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Enchanters' End Game AudioBook

Enchanters' End Game (The Belgariad, #5) by David Eddings

THE DRIVE OF PROPHECYThe quest was over. The Orb of Aldur was restored. And once again, with the crowning of Garion, there was a descendant of Riva Iron-grip to rule as Overlord of the West.But the Prophecy was unfulfilled. In the east, the evil God Torak was about to awaken and seek dominion. Somehow, Garion had to face the God, to kill or be killed. On the outcome of tha...more

GoodReads: 4.14 of 5 stars - 44,165 ratings

Book Version: 384 pages

ISBN: 345300785 (ISBN13: 9780345300782)

Enchanters' End Game

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